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Bring the beauty and truth of the Bible into everyday life. We have a list of good Bibles you can order online depending in what country you live in for under $15.00 USD here.

Welcome to Bibles your Free Online Bible Study Resource. Our only desire is to make God's Word available freely to people who don't have or can not afford to have one.

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King James Bible Read Online read online
King James Bible Download here

The Greek New Testament - Westcott Hort text - read online here
The Greek New Testament - Westcott Hort text - download zip file here

A Glossary of Bible Words here

Bibles Stories & Classics here

The Children's Bible Online here

The Children's Bible (PDF) here

The Wonder Book of Bible Stories here

A Child's Story of the Bible by Mary A. Lathbury read online here

Pictures of Old Translations & Papyrus Fragements here

The Bible in Pictures here
250 Bible Images of
Illustrated Scripture Lessons

Bible Illustrations
220 Bible Story Pictures
Illustrating biblical themes by French painter Gustave Dore

Different Language Translations
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French - French Darby Translation (PDF) here.

German - German Luther Translation (PDF) here

Portuguese - Portuguese Translation (PDF) here

Albanian - Albanian Translation (PDF) here

Italian - Italian Translation (PDF) here

Spanish - Spanish Reina Valera Translation (PDF) here

Vietnamese - Vietnamese Translation (PDF) here

A Glossary of Bible Words here

Free Bible Map Pictures

Smith Bible Atlas - 16 Bible Maps here

Biblical Times - 16 Bible Maps here

Bible Times - 24 Bible Photos here

Pictures Of Old Translations here

A Bible Reading Plan here
(C. H. Spurgeon Morning & Evening Devotional & 13 ebooks on Bible Reading & much more)

A Daily Reading Plan from Charles H. Spurgeon's Devotional from Jan to Dec here

A Through the Bible Reading in a Year here

Bible Glossary here

Bible 101 Introduction by Barry E. Horner here

Bible in Its Making by Mildred Duff & Noel Hope here
(The Most Wonderful Book in the World)

Bible Studies here
(1. Background on the Bible, 1a Proof of the Bible, 1b What is the Bible?, 2a. Why Study the Bible?, 2b. How to Study your Bible, 3. How to Start your day in a Spiritual Way, 4. How to Start a Daily Reading of the Bible)

Bible Study for Spiritual Power by J. R. Mott here

Bible Studies on the Bible (proof, why & how to study the Bible) here

Christian Knowledge by Jonathan Edwards here

Daily Bible Reading of the Bible Done Successfully here
(Bible Reading Methods, Structures of the Bible, Best Translations to Use,Where to Start, )

Difficulties In The Bible by R. A. Torrey here

Frequently Asked Questions about the translations of the Bible here

How God Guides by R. A. Torrey here
(God Guides by His Word, God Leads by His Spirit, God Guides Us by Enlightening Our Judgment, God May Guide by Visions and Dreams, God Guides by His Providence)

How to get the Most From Reading Your Bible by Thomas Watson here

How to Study and Teach the Bible by Elmer L. Towns here

How To Study The Bible by R. A. Torrey here
(Introductory to Methods of Bible Study, Study of Individual Books, Topical Study, Biographical Study, Study of Types, Study of the Books of the Bible in the Order in the Bible and their Chronological Order, The Study of the Bible for Practical Usefulness in Dealing with Men, Fundamental Conditions of the Most Profitable Bible Study, Final Suggestions)

How To Study The Bible by Watchman Nee here
(Preparing the Person, Methods of Studying the Bible, etc.)

Inspiration (All Scripture is Given by Inspiration of God) by J. C. Ryle here

Looking at the Different Translations of the Word by Bobby Graham here

Principles of Biblical Interpretation by R. A. Torrey here

Profitable Bible Study by R. A. Torrey here
( The Most Profitable Bible Study is that the Student must be Born Again and have a Love for the Bible and a Willingness to do Hard Work and is a Will Wholly Surrendered to God and the Student must be Obedient to its Teachings as Soon as He sees Them and have a Child Like Mind and We Study it as the Word of God and the last condition is the most Profitable Bible Study is Prayerfulness)

Sacred Hermeneutics here

Seven Reasons Why I Believe The Bible is the Word of God by Ian Paisley here

Some Reasons Why I Believe The Bible To BE The Word Of God
by R. A. Torrey here

Summary of each Book of the Bible
The Bible is one book made up of 66 books. Each book has a major theme that emphasizes an aspect of God’s character or a way He is working to carry out His perfect plan. What follows is an attempt to capture these themes here.

The Bible Book By Book by Josiah Blake Tidwell here

The Bible Period by Period by Josiah Blake Tidwell here

The Ten Commandments by Thomas Watson here

Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God by R. A. Torrey here


Bible Study Guides that are relevant, engaging and life-changing —- making your life better now, and giving you a real, solid hope for your future. Use these study guides to improve your understanding of the Bible and strengthen your faith Each Bible reading plan is different in type and length. They are as varied as each individual so you have many to choose from. Consider the following options, but remember to choose one. Regular reading in God's Word is not optional. It's a necessity!

Request any of our free Study Guides here.

  1. God’s Simple Plan of SalvationSearching for Answers – 3 week guide here.
  2. New Christian Study GuideNew To Christianity – 3 week study guide here.
  3. Steps to Spiritual Maturity GuideNurturing Resources – 3 week guide here.
  4. The Gospel of JohnKnowing God Better – Personal book study - 3 weeks here.
  5. Inspirational Daily DevotionalsEncouraging Spiritual Reflections – daily here.
  6. Monthly Newsletter Christ Centered Information – once a month here.
  7. Personal Evangelism TrainingShare the Gospel – fun creative way here.
  8. Bible Studies – Instructive Resources – connecting you nearer to God here.

Free Study Guides

If you are looking for a Bible we have a list of excellent Bibles that you can order online depending in what country you live in for under $15.00 USD here.


Use one of our many daily Bible reading plans to easily read Scriptures. Reading the Bible daily is important to grow your faith and hope! They range from two week commitments to year-long commitments, from reading straight through cover to cover, to topical readings, to a mixture of readings each day. Check out our 70 Bible Reading Plans at our sister website Questions God. Com 70 BIBLE READING PLANS HERE.

New to the Bible or New Christians Bible Reading Plans - Each plan is different - Plans 1-12 here.
Blended Bible Reading Plans - Old and New Testament combined daily - Plans 13-17 here.
Classic One & Two Year Plans - From the Beginning Genesis to the end of Revelation in order - Plans 18-23 here.
Chronological One Year Plans - Read the events of the Bible in the order they occurred - Plans: 24-25 here
Genres (Literature) Style One Year Plans - Reading the different Genre types - Plans: 26-27 here
Short Term Reading Commitments - Two week Plans for those with busy schedules - Plans 29 -41 here.
Children's Bible Reading Plans
 - 10 minutes a day for Children and Family Bible Readings - Plans 42-50 here.
Assorted & Diverse Excellent Bible Reading Plans - Variety of Books of the Bible Reading Plans - Plans 51-70 here.

The Division of the Scriptures.

In language and contents, the Bible is divided into two main divisions.
1. The Old Testament, 39 Books.
2. The New Testament, 27 Books. Total. 66 Books.

The Jews were accustomed to divide the Old Testament into three main parts, as follows:
1. The Law-the first five books, Genesis to Deuteronomy, otherwise called the Pentateuch and books of Moses.
2. The Prophets. These are divided into the "former prophets" or historical books and the "later prophets," or books, which we commonly call the prophetic books.
3. The Writings, which was made to include;
(a) Poetical books-Psalms, Proverbs and Job;
(b) Five Rolls-Song of Solomon, Ruth, Esther, Lamentations and Ecclesiastes;
(c) Other Books: Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah and I and II Chronicles.

The Bible itself divides the Old Testament into the three following divisions:
1. The Law, which includes the first five books of the Bible, also called the books of Moses.
2. The Prophets, which includes the next twelve books, commonly called historical books and the seventeen books we know as the prophetic books.
3. The Psalms, including the five poetical books.

The Books of the Bible
The books of the Old and New Testaments may each be divided into three or five groups as follows:
First Into three groups.
1. History.
(1) Old Testament-Genesis-Esther (17 books).
(2) New Testament-Matthew-Acts (5 books).
2. Doctrine.
(1) Old Testament-Job-Song of Solomon (5 books).
(2) New Testament-Romans-Jude (21 books).
3. Prophecy.
(1) Old Testament-Isaiah-Malachi (17 books)
(2) New Testament-Revelation (1 book).
Second, into five groups.

1. Old Testament.
(1) Pentateuch-Genesis-Deuteronomy (5 books).
(2) Historical Books-Joshua-Esther (12 books).
(3) Poetical Books-Job-Song of Solomon (5 books).
(4) Major Prophets-Isaiah-Daniel (5 books).
(5) Minor Prophets-Hosea-Malachi (12 books).

2. New Testament.

(1) Gospels-Matthew-John (4 books).
(2) Acts-Acts (1 book).
(3) Pauline Epistles-Romans-Hebrews (14 books).
(4) General Epistles-James-Jude (7 books).
(5) Revelation-Revelation (1 book).


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