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We believe in a real God, who really cares and who has great plans for you. We’d love for you to come and visit us at our sister website Questions God. Com and see what we’re all about here.

Testimonies - "Share Your Story"

Just tell people the way Christ changed your life. Everyone's testimony is powerful because it is a story about moving from death to life. Giving your personal testimony is a way to share the gospel with others by explaining your personal salvation experience. It gives other an example of how God changes lives.

Send your Testimony or Share Your Story here.

Very useful resources for my personal bible studies. Thank You.God Bless Karen, Singapore.

Thanks for your hard work on this site, it is a blessing!! Carlos, San Diego, CA.

Nice job done on this site. Keep the good work going Paul from USA.

This is Great! Good thing here! I downloaded a zip file of bible things. lots of good stuff. Osoyoos, B.C. Canada.

Send your Testimony or Share Your Story here.

Just a Note: By sharing your story you have given us permission to share your story on our site with only using your first name and City, State, and Country. If you do not want it posted on our site please tell us in the message area. Thank You.


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