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I’m a wanna-be prayer warrior. I long to grow a deeper prayer life, but I have a secret struggle with boredom. I know prayer carries power and changes lives. But when I sit down to pray, I find it hard to focus. After three minutes, my mind thinks about yesterday, or wanders to my to-do list. Or I try to pray before bed, but I fall asleep. 

Are prayer wimps a thing? I suspect I am one and I'm left wondering how to pray better.

I don’t mean to be flippant. Prayer is an amazing privilege. Through words like these in scripture, we have an open invitation from the God of the universe: “Call to me and I will answer you.” (Jeremiah 33:3) We have a promise that He hears us: "You will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you." (Jeremiah 29:12) 

Through the pages of our Bibles, we see examples of men who prayed. Even Jesus, the Son of God, prayed. So I know I should too, but I find it challenging. I suspect I’m not alone. Many Christians struggle with knowing how to pray.

It is time for every Christian to seriously consider their relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. Each of us much look within ourselves with all honesty and ask “is my life poured out, have I set aside my dreams, my ambitions, my perspectives, and embraced His vision, His. goal, His view?”

An honest evaluation will reveal that most of us have drifted dangerously close to a faith which is disastrous mixture of apathy, complacency, and the traditions of men. There is no difficulty in identifying this attitude because it is filled with ‘Me, Myself and I’ – self centeredness, selfishness and self-worship.

There is only one way to stop this degeneration, only one way to return to our first love, only one way to avoid this terrible state of deception. Repentance. Pray now…

"Lord, I am sorry. I rend my heart and not my clothes. I refuse to live a life of pretensions, an external show without a commitment. My cry before You is, Help me to seek Your will before my will, Your way before my way. Lord, help me to decrease, so that You may increase.”

Excellent Books on Prayer Below

7 Books on Prayer by Edward M. Bounds here
(The Necessity of Prayer, The Essentials of Prayer, Power Through Prayer, The Reality of Prayer, The Weapon of Prayer, Prayer and Praying Men)

A Kneeling Christian by An Unknown Christian (excellent 12 topics on prayer) here

A Book of Private Prayer for Morning & Evening by J. R. MacDuff here

A Discourse Of Delight In Prayer by Stephen Charnock here

A Discourse Touching Prayer by John Bunyan here

A Living Sacrifice chapter 6 Prayer by Watchman Nee here

Be Not Afraid or Overcoming the Fear of Death by J. C. Arnold here

Bible Study For Spiritual Power by J. R. Mott here

Christ's Agony by Jonathan Edwards here

Clothed With The Spirit by Smith Wigglesworth here

Conditions of Prevailing Prayer by Charles G. Finney here

Corporate Prayer for Revival by Jonathan Edwards here

Church Planting by Danie Vermeulen here (excellent)

Daily Confession of a Serious Christian here

Do You Pray by J. C. Ryle here

Effective Prayer by Charles H. Spurgeon here

Faith and Repentance Inseparable by Charles H. Spurgeon here

Faith Checkbook by Charles H Spurgeon here

Faith - What it is and What it Leads To by Charles H. Spurgeon here

Helps to Intercession by Andrew Murray here

Hypocrites Deficient In The Duty Of Prayer by Jonathan Edwards here

In Christ Jesus The Sphere of the Believers Life by Arthur t. Pierson here

Intercession every Christian's Duty by George Whitefield here

Intercessory Prayer by Charles H. Spurgeon here

Keep Praying Until God Answers When He Seems Not to Hear, Trust Him Still by R. A. Torrey here

Helps to Intercession by Andrew Murray here

How To Pray by R. A. Torrey here
(The Importance of Prayer, Praying Unto God, Obeying & Praying, Praying in the Spirit, Always Praying & Not Fainting, Abiding in Christ, Praying with Thanksgiving, Hindrances to Prayer, When to Pray, The Need of a General Revival, The Place of Prayer Before & During Revivals)

How to Pray so as to get What You Ask by R. A. Torrey here
(To God, With Intense Earnestness, The Church, For Him)

Lord Teach Us To Pray by Andrew Murray here

On Prayer by Charles G. Finney here

On Prayer by Origen here

Prayer by J. C. Ryle here

Personal Declension & Revival of Religion in the Soul by Octavius Winslow here
(Incipient Declension, Declension in Love, Declension in Faith, Declension in Prayer, Doctrinal Error, On Grieving the Spirit, The Fruitless & the Fruitful Professor, The Lord, the Restorer of His People, and The Lord, the Keeper of His People)

Pleading with God and Argument in Prayer by Arthur T. Pierson here

Power Through Prayer by E. M. Bounds here

Prayer Availeth Much by T. M. Anderson here

Prayer - Little Folded Hands by anonymous here

Prayer and Praying Men by E. M. Bounds here

Praying Men by E. M. Bounds here

Scriptures Testimony...what they were to pray... by George Fox here

Soul Heights and Soul Depths by Octavius Winslow here
(Soul Depths, Prayer Out of Soul Depths, Contrition and Confession. Forgiveness and Fear, Waiting and Watching, Watching for the Morning, Hoping in the Lord, Final and Full Redemption,Soul Heights)

Teach Us To Pray by Andrew Murray here

The Essentials of Prayer by E. M. Bounds here

The Kneeling Christian by An Unknown Christian here

The Lord's Prayer by Thomas Watson here

The Lord's Prayer, Its Spirit & Its Teaching by Octavius Winslow here
(The Brotherly Spirit of the Lord's Prayer, The Celestial Spirit of the Lord's Prayer, The Reverential Spirit of the Lord's Prayer, The Submissive Spirit of the Lord's Prayer, The Dependent Spirit of the Lord's Prayer, The Forgiving Spirit of the Lord's Prayer, etc.)

The Ministry of Intercession by Andrew Murray here

The Necessity of Prayer by E. M. Bounds here

The Place Of Prayer In Evangelism by R. A. Torrey here

The Possibility of Prayer by E. M. Bounds here

The Power of Persevering Prayer by Andrew Murray here

The Power of Prayer by R. A. Torrey here
(The Secret of Christians Powerlessness, The Early Church's Victory, Steadfast Prayer, Present-day Departure From Prayer, Prayer will Bring the Power of God into Our Work, Examples of God's Power Evident in Prayer)

The Prayer of Faith by R. A. Torrey here
(To Whom the Promise is Made, How We must Pray to know that God has Heard Our Prayers & Granted the Thing that We Have asked, Praying in Faith)

The Reality of Prayer by E. M. Bounds here

The Secret Place by Smith Wigglesworth here

The Strait Way to Heaven by William Dyer here

The Weapon of Prayer by E. M. Bounds here

The Value of a Praying Mother by Issabel Byrum here

With Christ - In the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray here

Request for Prayer here


Be Available – Abandon yourself to God and to His call on your life. Tell Him you will go
anywhere and do anything that He shows you as His will for you.

Be Informed – Don’t hide behind ignorance. Gather all the information you can so you
can pray and seek the Lord intelligently. Subscribe to missions publications and make
it a priority to know what’s going on in the world. If you know where the needs are,
it will be easier for you to meet some of them.

Be Inspired – Checkout our booklist and get hold of some inspiring biographies of
Christian missionaries. You will find out that most “missionary greats” are just common
people who decided to let their love for God and their love for the lost overrule their
own desires in life – allowing God to use them in bold and wonderful ways.

Expect An Open Door
– Expect God to give you an opportunity to fully serve Him
through this new information you are exposing yourself to. Then when He opens the
door – walk through it!

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