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Emancipated (Set Free)

Definition of emancipation - the fact or process of being set free from...


A Call to Backsliders by John Wesley here

A Daily Bible Method Reading of the Bible Done Successfully here
(Bible Reading Methods, Structures of the Bible, Best Translations to Use,Where to Start )

A Daily Morning & Evening Reading Devotional Plan from Jan to Dec here

A Day Study in Stewardship (A 20 Day Study in Stewardship) by Tim Keller here

An Alarm To The Unconverted by Joseph Alleine here

A Godly Man is a Lover of the Word by Thomas Watson here

A Vision of the Lost by William Booth here

Christian Behavior Being The Fruits of True Christianity by John Bunyan here
(How to Walk so as to Please God - With a Word of Direction to All Backsliders)

Christian Fellowship the Church Member's Guide by John Angell James here

Christian Knowledge by Jonathan Edwards here

Divine Realities Spiritual Reflections for the Saint & Sinner by O. Winslow here

From Grace To Glory Or Born Again by Octavius Winslow here

Grace And Truth by Octavius Winslow here

Help Heavenward by Octavius Winslow here

How Do You Know If You Are A Real Christian by Jonathan Edwards here

How to get the Most From Reading Your Bible by Thomas Watson here

Important Question by John Wesley here

Letters To A New Convert by Jonathan Edwards here

Life On The Highest Plane - Volume 1 - The Person & Work of Christ by Ruth Paxson here
(1. Human Life on Three Planes, 2. God's First Man - The First Adam, 3. Life on the Lowest Plane - The Entrance of Sin Into Man, 4. Life on the Lowest Plane - The Rule of Sin Over Man, 5. Satan & God in Conflict, 6. False & Futile Attempts for Salvation, 7. The Chasm Bridged, 8. God's Second Man - The Last Adam, 9. Four Spans in the Bridge of Salvation - Incarnation 10. Four Spans in the Bridge of Salvation-Crucifixion, 11. Four Spans in the Bridge of Salvation - Resurrection, 12. Four Spans in the Bridge of Salvation - Ascension and Exaltation 13. The Crowning Work of Jesus Christ in Salvation)

Life On The Highest Pane - Volume 2 - The Relation Between Christ & the Christian
by Ruth Paxson here
(14. Grace Triumphant Over Sin, 15. Christ Our Saviour - The Bridge Crossed, 16. Christ Our Head - A New Creation Formed, 17. Christ Our Lord - A New Sovereign in a New Sphere, 18. Christ Our Life - A Perfect Oneness Effected, 19. Christ Our Sanctification - A People For His Possession and Use, 20. Christ Our Captain and Conqueror - Conflict and Conquest, 21. Life on the Highest Plane, 22. Carnal or Spiritual, 23. The Christian's Choice - Self or Christ?

Life On The Highest Plane - Volume 3 - The Believer's Response to the Holy Spirit's In working by Ruth Paxson here
(24. The Spirit-filled Life, 25. The Prerequisite to Fullness — Cleansing, 26. The Believer's Part in Becoming Spirit-filled — Yielding, 27. The Believer's Part in Becoming Spirit-filled — Faith,
28. The Believer's Part in Becoming Spirit-filled — Obedience, 29. The Believer's Part in Becoming Spirit-filled — Bible Study, 30. The Believer's Part in Becoming Spirit-filled — Prayer, 31. The Works of the Spiritual Man, 32. The Relationships of the Spiritual Man, 33. The Hope of the Spiritual Man, 34. The Story of Salvation Told in Five Chapters)

Man's Ruin - God's Redemption by L. R. Shelton here

On Keeping the Heart by John Flavel here

On Living Without God by John Wesley here

On The Wedding Garment - Matthew 22:12 by John Wesley here

One Thing Necessary by Thomas Watson here

On Wordily Folly - Luke 22:20 by John Wesley here

Original Sin - Genesis 6:5 by John Wesley here

Pardon For The Greatest Sinners by Jonathan Edwards here

Repentance by Thomas Watson here

Repentance of Believers - Mark 1:15 by John Wesley here

Salvation By Faith Ephesians 2:8 by John Wesley here

Soul Heights and Soul Depths by Octavius Winslow here
(Soul Depths, Prayer Out of Soul Depths, Contrition and Confession. Forgiveness and Fear, Waiting and Watching, Watching for the Morning, Hoping in the Lord, Final and Full Redemption,Soul Heights)

Story Of Kingdom Explanation Of Bible by Jonathan Gibson here

The Absence of the Sense of Sin in Present-Day Religion by Rev. J. S. Sinclair here

The Anxious Inquirer After Salvation Directed & Encouraged by John A. James here

The Compassion of Christ to Weak Believers by Samuel Davies here

The Day of Golden Opportunity by R. A. Torrey here
(Because the Lord Jesus Brings Peace to the Tormenting Conscience, Because Jesus Christ Brings Inexpressible & Glorious Joy to Those Who Accept Him, Because Jesus Christ Brings Deliverance from the Power of Sin, Because Jesus Christ Brings Beauty of Character, Because Jesus Christ Fills Our Lives with Highest Usefulness, Because the Sooner We Come to Christ, the Fuller and Richer Will Be Our Eternity, Because if We Do Not Come to Jesus Christ Today We May Never Come At All)

The Danger of Luke warmness in Religion by Samuel Davies here

The Deceitfulness of the Human Heart - Jeremiah 17:9 by John Wesley here

The Fool's Creed by R. A. Torrey here

The Foot Of The Cross by Octavius Winslow here
(Nearness to the Cross, A Sight of Sin & a Sight of Jesus, Faith at the Foot of the Cross, Love at the Foot of the Cross, Prayer at the Foot of the Cross, Forgiveness of Sin at the Foot of the Cross, The Conviction of Truth Beneath the Cross, A life-look at the Foot of the Cross, Bearing the Cross, The Solitude of the Cross, The Believer Crucified, The Repose of the Cross, The Cross of Christ the Christian's Weapon, Christ Crucified the Center of Christian Union)

The Future Punishment Of The Wicked by Jonathan Edwards here

The Heavenly Footman by John Bunyan here
(A Description of the Man That Gets to Heaven an Epistle to All the Slothful & Careless People)

The Jerusalem Sinner by John Bunyan here
(Good News for the Vilest of Men or A Help for Despairing Souls)

The Manner in Which the Salvation of the Soul is to be Sought by J. Edwards here

The Method of Salvation Through Jesus Christ by Samuel Davies here

The Most Important Question by R. A. Torrey here

The Nature of Looking to Christ Opened & Explained by Samuel Davies here

The Power of the Blood of Christ by R. A. Torrey here

The Sinfulness of Man's Natural State by Thomas Boston here

The Strait Way to Heaven by William Dyer here

The True Christian by John Angell James here

The True Gospel of Christianity versus the False Gospel of Carnal Christianity by L. R. Shelton here

The Vain Self Flatteries Of The Sinner by Jonathan Edwards here

The Young Man Leaving Home by John Angell James here

Walking With Jesus by Mary Winslow here

Wicked Men Useful In Their Destruction Only by Jonathan Edwards here



A New CreationForsake your sins, and begin to follow the Lord Jesus as your Savior. Tell others about Him, and invite them also to do what you have just done. Read your Bible every day. Pray to God, and thank Him, and trust in Him. Find a good Bible believing Church, where they teach the Word of God, and will help you to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ better, and how to follow Him according to His Word.





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