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Parents preparing to Teach

Their Children about God

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For Parents: Helps on successfully teaching your Children about Jesus.

Excellent Ideas for parents to help their children understand the Bible.

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Recommend printing out the PDF's below for a Children and Family Reading Time.

What is the Best Way to Study the Bible for Children?

Leading A Child To Christ



Organize a Resource Room

Preschool Activities

Arts & Crafts for PreSchoolers

Games to Help You Teach

Excellent Games with a Biblical Foundation

Arts and Crafts for 3rd to 6th Grade

Science Demonstrations with Spiritual Applications

Using Many Things to Illustrate God's Word

Basic Puppetry

Teaching With Puppets



What is the Best Way to Study the Bible for Children?

Leading A Child To Christ

Train up a Child 3 Year Old

Train up a Child 1st & 2nd Grade

Train up a Child 3rd & 4th Grade

Train up a Child 5th & 6 th Grade

Preparing to Teach (Recommend)

Discipline In The Classroom

Discipline Problems? Organization that helps

How to Minister to Active Children



Vision for Ministry

Leading A Children's Ministry

Planting A Fruitful Nursery Ministry Part 1 and 2

Is Your Children's Ministry on Solid Ground Part 1 and 2

Directing a Vacation Bible School


Excellent Children's Stories with each story has 5 to 6 pages you can print out.
One page to colour with crayons, another page memory verse, true and false questions on the verses, a puzzle, a maze, jigsaw puzzle and much more..

Old Testament 163 Children's Stories Here

New Testament 162 Children's Stories Here

Children's PreSchool Curriculum for Teachers and Parents for 3 to 6 year olds Here

Vacation Bible School & Junior Camp Curriculum Here

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